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Rotary cup filling machine

FULL AUTOMATİC YOGURT FİLLİNG MACHİNE ROTARY PLASTİC CUP FİLLİNG AND SEALİNG MACHİNE Technical Specifications MODELDA-5000 Cup Filling MachineCAPACITY6,000 / per hourCUP SIZE75- 95 mm diameter plastic cups.FILLING RANGEMin : 50...


Noddle filling and sealing machine

Our machine, which makes filling of plastic bowls with scales with photocell control, precut aleminyum foil or cut sealing from roll and is made of stainless steel, is available in 10-14-16 scale scales according to the desired...

Production Units

Cherddar production units

Cheddar Cheese Molds Cheddar Curd And Printing Machine Cheddar Process Tanks Cheddar Moulding Machine Cheddar Boiled Kneading Measurement Cheddar Moulding Machine Of Curd Cottage Drum Boiled Dry Cheddar Machine Cheddar Chopping...

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