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Dairy Equipments


 Homogenizer It is designed according to EU safety rules (CE standards). • Engineering, manufacturing and testing according to ISO EN 9001 Quality System • Engineered and designed for easy maintenance and cleaning (CIP and SIP)...

Dairy Equipments

Milk Cooling Tanks

General Information Milk cooling tanks are produced in a capacity range from 100 lt to 10.000 lt, in vertical or horizontal cylindiric shapes. Technical Information Body Construction Body built of AISI 304 stainless steel...

Dairy Equipments


General Information Pasteurizers are produced with three, four or five divisions according to capacity, production and process needs. Technical Information 500 – 20.000 lt/h capacity Special design for liquid food products (milk...

Dairy Equipments

Stainless Steel Centrifuge Pumps

General Information It is used for transfering the milk and liquid materials from one place to another. These pumps manufactured according to the hygenic standarts. Technical Information 5000 lt/h – 15000 lt/h capacities For Milk...

Dairy Equipments

Ayran Process Tank

General Information Ayran can flows naturally via tank’s stage with no need to pump or filling machine.This is also prevents Ayran’s natural structure to be corrupted. Technical Information 500 LT – 2.000 LT Tank...

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