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Ayran Yoghurt Cup Filling Machine

Our company, which was established in 1997, became one of the leaders of the packing and filling systems market, specializing on liquid filling and closing machines manufacturing and advancing on technological improvements.

The basic principle of our company is introducing new technologies with our customers and aiding the development of our country as much as we can. Our company has been trying hard to prove its place and improve our countries position in the modern markets, thanks to its manufacturing quality and quality appliances.

We have been, and will be taking our place in domestic and abroad fairs in order to introduce our product range to our customers and follow the new technologies continuously.

What Can be  Filled

Our company has been in the service of you, our customers, by manufacturing liquid (ayran which is a drink made of yoghurt and water-, fruit juices, colza juice, water, yoghurt etc.Filling machine , Filling machinery , Sealing machinery, Filling sealing machine, Filling sealing machinery, Filling sealing machinery, Dairy, Milk, Cream cheese, Yoghurt, Cut and sealing machine, Cut and sealing machinery, Termoforming machinery, Water filling, Packing, Packing machine, Packing machinery, Liquid filling, Liquid filling machinery, Ayran filling, Ayran filling machinery, Cup filling, Cup, Cup filling machinery, Cup filling and sealing machine, Plastic cup, Machine, Machinery, Food processing machine, Food processing machiners, Food, Processing machinery, Cream cheese filling) and condensed liquid (cream chocolate, cream cheese, jams, honey, marmalades, butter etc.) filling and packing machinery and edging especially into the Middle East and the Balkans markets since its establishment.

Technical Specifications

MODELDA-2500 Cup Filling Machine
CAPACITY3,000 / per hour
CUP SIZE75- 95 mm diameter plastic cups.
FILLING RANGEMin : 50 gr. , Max : 500 gr
DIMENSIONS100 x 100 x 180 cm
WEIGHT900 kg
PACKINGWooden Chest
ELECTRICALDelta-siemens-Telemecanique Plc touch screen panel
REDUCTOR MOTORGamak (optional)
TENSION380 Volt – 50 Hertz – 3 Phase
CHASSISMachine is surrounded by flexi-glass(optional)
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