Plastic Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

Lineer Cup Yogurt Filling Sealing Machine

Lineer Yogurt Filling Machine

General Information

You can fill and close all kinds of food and beverage products in our complex stainless steel (304-316) air powered machine. Some of them are products like ayran, yogurt, milk, turnip, water, fruit juice, cream cheese, labne, salad, sauce etc. you have to give us information about the bowl and filler product to be filled. You can make the machine which is easy to use and easy to install in one day. The spare parts and service will be provided by our company.


Operation System: The operation system of our machine starts after air and electricity connection is made. Automatic glass feeding station with photocell control unit (if no bowl is not filled), aluminum lid setting station, aluminum lid control station (machine will stop if there is no aluminum lid) the station, the dumping station and the conveyor belt after the exit.

Thanks to the photocell control of the machine, filling and capping process is done if there is a cup. This feature allows the machine to operate without any faults.

What you can fill

It is an automatic and semi-automatic machine that makes filling of liquid, dense, consistency and granular products of glass, plastic and tin packaging for Food, Milk, Cosmetics, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Paint Industries.Teneli Jam Filling Machine, Honey Filling Machine, Molasses Filling Machine, Machine, Marmalade Filling Machine, Paste Filling Machine, Chocolate Cream Filling Machine, Hazelnut Cream Filling Machine, Ketchup Filling Machine, Mayonnaise Filling Machine, Mustard Filling Machine, Tomato Filling Machine, Shampoo Filling Machine, Cosmetic Cream Filling Machine, Jelly Filling Machine, Mine Oil Filling Machine, Antifreeze Filling Machine, Yogurt Filling Machine

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