Plastic Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

Plastic Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Water,orenge juice,ayran,yogurt,cream cheease,cohococream filling sealing  machine .full automatic  complate stanless 304-316 .easy to use,plc  control,mechanic turn table system,
General Information

Thanks to its photocell control the machine is able to stop the filling operation if should any cup not be positioned for filling.

With the use of a gearbox the machine’s speed can be adjusted to the speed of other components and units.

The completed Cups are lined by the conveyor on the arranging table can be handled easily.

Operating System: It drops the plastic cups automatically. The photocell controls the process of filling and covering the containers. The sealing process is accomplished with the use of heat, packaging dates are applied in ink. And the products are lined up on the conveyor for easy handling.

Technical Information
Capacity 5000 cups/hour
Machine Voltage 380 volt
Valve Voltage 24 volt
Power 2,8 KW
Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 1900x1970x2700
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